Pasta with broccoli and vegan pepperoni

One of my many purchases at Paris Vegan Day was a packet of "Vegi-Schnitzel with Paprika", a sort of vegan pepperoni made from wheat protein and marketed by the Swiss brand Vegusto.

Imitation meat usually leaves me cold but the sautéed cubes offered to Sunday’s visitors turned out to be surprisingly tasty – perhaps because they reminded me of late-night pepperoni pizza shared long ago with colleagues as we struggled to meet deadlines.

Anyway, while the snow fell outside this week I used one of my two Vegi-Schnitzels to spice up a simple dish of pasta spirals with broccoli. The other one wound up in a pitta bread sandwich spread with hummus.

Unfortunately, Vegusto don’t seem to have distributors in the UK or US but I expect you could use a similar Redwood or Wheaty product.

Pâtes brocolis-saucisse

Serves 2

200g pasta
1 tbs olive oil
Small shallot
Slice of celeriac or a stick of celery
1 "Vegi-Schnitzel with Paprika" or similar (40g)
Half a tin of tomatoes
1 tbs tomato puree
1 tsp tamari
200g broccoli

Finely chop the shallot and celeriac or celery and fry in the oil until golden. Add the schnitzel chopped into dice and let it brown. Add the tomatoes, tomato puree and tamari and leave to reduce a bit.

Wash and trim the broccoli. Cut the larger florets into two or three pieces lengthways. Peel the central stem and cut it into slices crossways. Steam the broccoli while the pasta cooks (7-8 minutes).

Drain the pasta and coat with the tomato sauce, then gently stir in the broccoli. The schnitzels are already well seasoned so no salt or pepper is needed, but you might like to try a few drops of toasted sesame oil sprinkled over the broccoli.

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